Turn the library into a digital learning center with a coffee shop

Instead of a library, Cushing Academy is spending nearly USD 500,000 to create a learning center. Examples of investments:
- USD 10,000 for 18 electronic readers made by Amazon.com and Sony.
- USD 42,000 for three large flat-screen TVs that will project data from the Internet.
- USD 20,000 on special laptop-friendly study carrels.
- USD 50,000 for a coffee shop that will include a USD 12,000 cappuccino machine.

Mr. James Tracy, headmaster:
"Instead of a traditional library with 20,000 books, we’re building a virtual library where students will have access to millions of books."

Regarding the future of librarians, I learned that "because data bases will be so expansive, Cushing’s librarians will be more crucial than ever to help guide students and teachers ably through the myriad sources now available and rapidly growing in electronic formats."

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