Researchers' Night in Zürich

A large number of interesting research initiatives were presented yesterday at Researchers' Night in Zürich, Switzerland. I found the event good. What I liked, in particular, was the innovative ways the various research initiatives were communicated to the many people who were there to learn about what the individual researchers work on. For example, Georg Traxler-Samek and Richard Zickermann, who work with water power for ALSTOM, demonstrated what they do professionally by doing a fascinating experiment with blue cups. The conversation with the researchers took place on a boat sailing on Lake Zürich.

I was also quite thrilled about the science show on wearable computing. It’s quite interesting to think about what we’ll be capable of doing when our clothes are equipped with small computers. The topic was well and creatively presented by Clemens Lombriser and his colleagues.

What I also found interesting at Researchers' Night in Zürich was the exhibition in tent # 2 focusing on how and when a human being's brain learns. To get an overview of all the topics dealt with in the 17 tents, have a look at the program.
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