Mobility in Zürich – today and in the years to come

This week, I learned some interesting things about mobility in Zürich by particating in events focusing on environmentally friendly mobility. Have a look at the week’s program by clicking here.

On Tuesday evening, I participated in an event about life in Zürich in 2050. I learned, for example, about how the 3 trends "individuality", "scarcity of resources", and "online and disintegration" will influence the way we live / work / transport ourselves. Reading about the mobility strategy of Zürich, I read, for example, that the part of the population using bicycles to transport themselves will increase, and that investments in, for example, more parking spots for bicycles will grow considerably over the next year. Around Zürich central station, for example, about 1,000 extra parking spots for bicycles will be established until the end of 2010.

On Thursday evening, I participated in a guided bike ride through Albisrieden and Altstetten in Zürich. Here are a couple of photos from the trip:

The mobility days in Zürich ended today with a large event in the centre of Zürich. There were several things to do / learn about. For example, I went for a test drive in this Renault Twingo. What I find impressive about the electric vehicle is, for example, that the car drives very silently. Driving around in the car, you hear practically no noise coming from the car. Positive is also that it’s relatively easy to park the car more or less anywhere due to its small size.

I also stopped by at Mobility and had a very interesting conversation there with a person representing the company. I asked the person the following 3 questions:
# 1. When will Mobility introduce electric vehicles?
# 2. When will Mobility make it possible for people, who use Mobility to drive from A to B, to leave the car at location B, i.e. make it possible for people not to bring the car back to location A?
# 3. When will Mobility use Web 2.0 technologies such as Twitter, blogs, YouTube, and/or Facebook to communicate with people?

As far as I understood from the person, I talked to, all 3 will happen in near future.

By the way, another value creating aspect of the event today was the extraordinary variety of fresh, delicious food and beverages. I had some really fine thai food with, for example, curry, chicken, pineapple and rice.

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