Exhibition about the speed of life in Lenzburg, Switzerland

Today, I spent a couple of hours at the exhibition nonstop at Lenzburg - a town not far from Zürich, Switzerland. The exhibition focuses on the speed of life. I’d like, straight away, to send a compliment to the exhibition concept developers as well as the people solving various service assignments at the exhibition: It was one of the better exhibitions I have experienced in my life. What I like, in particular, about the exhibition is that it is highly interactive. For example, the tour guide acted not least as a moderator involving the guests well by asking us questions about our thoughts, opinions etc. In addition, several of the exhibits were designed in a way that invited guests to do things ourselves and thereby learn better. Here are some impressions from the time I spent at the exhibition:

Already before the entrance of the exhibition, the topic "the speed of life" was, indeed, made very real. To enter the exhibition, you could use either the stairs or this possibility, which is, I experienced, considerably faster:

Before the guided tour, guests were asked to leave their watches and mobile phones at the entrance - another thought provoking initiative.

One of the interactive exhibits in the exhibition was to guess what time it is right now by pointing out the time on a touch screen. As I had left my watch and my mobile phone at the entrance, I, in fact, had to make a guess. As you can see on photo # 2 below, my guess was 27 minutes wrong, i.e. the real time was 27 minutes later than I thought. Another compliment to the exhibition, as the time I spent at the exhibition went faster, you could say, than I thought.

At the exhibition, I also listened to recordings from various experts on the topic. On the photo below, I’m listening to a recording by Sonja A. Buholzer. Ms. Buholzer mentioned, for example, that we need to learn how to say "no". Also, Ms. Buholzer said that we need to take time to think creatively / innovatively in order to create better solutions / more value. This point by Ms. Buholzer very well fits into what I wrote about in this posting and in this posting about global competitiveness.

The last challenge I "threw myself into" today at the mind opening exhibition was answering the question on the photo below. The question really got me thinking. I’ll leave this question open to you and ask you: How do you spend your time usefully?

If you’re interested in reading more about the exhibition, have a look, for example, at the story board.
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