Movies at the river

Last night, I watched the movie Stranger than Fiction. The movie was good – and so was the location: Right here at the river Limmat in Zürich. To put up an outdoor cinema at the river is a really innovative initiative, I think. The movie started not until about 21:30 – which was good because it was not really dark until then. The sound was really great.

I don’t know whether it was a coincidence or not, but during the romantic scene of the movie where the man and the woman playing the main roles kissed each other, fireworks went off further down the river, not so far from the outdoor cinema. Anyway, the timing of the fireworks was perfect – a value adding initiative :-)

You can still try it out, i.e watching movies at the river Limmat in Zürich. There is a film every night until Sunday, July 26th. Go to to find out more.
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