Doodle launches new features

On this Doodle Blog posting, I learned that Doodle is among the 200 best Swiss websites. Doodle is placed in the category social networks. If you need to, for example, set up a time for an event with other people, Doodle is a great tool which is easy to use. It is also a free tool. Doodle works like this:

Step # 1: Create a poll.
Step # 2: Forward the link to the poll to the participants.
Step # 3: Follow online what the participants vote for.

As you can read more about in this Doodle Blog posting, Doodle recently launched several new features. Among these is Branded Doodle, a service that enables companies and other organisations to purchase their own private Doodle, branded with their logo and name. Read more about Branded Doodle by clicking here. Read also about the other new features of Doodle by clicking here.

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