Clean energy project in Southern Germany

In this ABB press release of February 16, 2009, I read about an interesting project that is currently under development in the Karlsruhe-Stuttgart region of southern Germany. The objective of the pilot project is to create an optimized and sustainable power network that reduces CO2 emissions to as close to zero as possible. The solution will integrate clean energy generated by, for example, solar panels, wind turbines, and fuel cells.

What I, in particular, like about this solution, is that the individual consumer, i.e. people like you and me, will be able to monitor their energy consumption and CO2 footprint, respond to price signals and adapt consumption according to price and availability, as well as sell surplus power from their own generators to the grid when price conditions are most favorable.

The pilot project will incorporate about 1,000 households, industrial consumers, generating units and energy storage units, each equipped with a smart meter.

To which degree are similar actions being taken where you live?
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