How will changes in the way education is done affect the culture of the company you work for?

Reading the predictions for 2009 in this eLearn magazine article, which I came across through this blog posting by Jane Hart, I noticed not least what Mr. Saul Carliner, Mr. Brent Schlenker, and Mr. Matt Bovell said:
“As organizations try to stretch their learning budgets in hard times, e-learning will become an attractive option. For some organizations, a basic transfer of content from classroom to online will suffice. For others who are concerned that students are actually learning, experimentation with creative approaches to e-learning might occur. In addition, organizations will use the bad economy to assess the costs and benefits of their enterprise technology, and might make changes if they feel costs exceed benefits."

"2009 will be "The Year of Implementing 2.0." Previous years have been spent getting our industry to see new Web technologies as having powerful learning applications. Early adopters have experimented with mobile, gaming, wikis, social networks, and others, and they have paved the way for others to follow. My advice to the e-learning community this year is to pay very close attention to the culture in which you are implementing. Ignoring the impact on culture will be the Achilles' heel of e-learning implementations in 2009."

"There are three reasons why e-learning will continue to grow in 2009: (1) The economy is tanking. More and more companies will be attempting to achieve cost savings using e-learning technologies. (2) As students attempt to make better use of their time and money, they will continue to avail themselves of e-learning opportunities. (3) As more and more companies try to establish a reputation for being eco-friendly, they will use e-learning as part of their green initiatives."

A question for you:
How do you think changes in way education is done will affect the culture of the company you work for?

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