3 ideas to get more goals in football games and make people happier

EURO 2008 is over and the players from Spain are European champions. During the tournament, I observed that emotions - from players as well as from fans/guests - are not least lived out when goals are scored. For example, fans clap their hands and cheer for the team scoring a goal. Many people get up from their chairs, and some even start to sing, dance and/or hug the person(s) standing next to them. In other words: Goals scored by players contribute to making the experience for guests better. Goals are positive surprises that make people feel happier and smile. So in order to satisfy customer needs even better, how about changing the rules of the game, so more goals are scored? Here are 3 ideas:

Idea # 1: Make the goals bigger so it's easier for football players to score goals.

Idea # 2: Make the football field smaller, for example less long and/or less wide.

Idea # 3: Play with 2 balls. This idea may be a bit wild :-)

Do you have other ideas?
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