Ideas to improve health care. Part # 3: Make working hours more flexible

Between 7 AM and 9 AM and between 4 PM and 6 PM there are, in many cities, traffic jams going out and/or into the city - not least because many people work during the same hours of the days. Result: Many people waste a lot of time sitting in traffic jams – time that could be used to work and/or get some exercise.

Using a concrete example from banking, I have a couple of ideas to solve the problem:

Idea # 1
To bank employees: How about teaching your customers - including your elderly customers - how they use e-banking (even better)? Also, what about using other collaborative technologies such as a blog or a LiveChat to communicate with your customers? That way, people can use the bank when they want and where want. And by using collaborative technologies, you can make the product you offer to your customers more individual.

Idea # 2
Using e-banking, people can use the bank anytime and anywhere. However, many people still like to go to a bank located in a physical location. The problem for many people is - as I have experienced in more countries - that many banks in physical locations close when most other companies or shops close. So here’s a suggestion: Instead of closing the bank when people have the time to go there, how about keeping the bank open until, for example, 9 PM? During the periods of the day when few customers have the time to come, there could also be fewer employees at the bank.
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