What’s a great city like? Part # 8: There is water

Here in Zurich, there’s a lot of water, which I think is great. For example, there is the beautiful Zurich Lake. The lake is a really beloved place among many people, I have noticed. People at all ages spend time at the lake, for example by going for a walk there, enjoying their lunch or dinner at the lake, swimming and/or taking the boat. By the way, using the boat is an integrated part of the transport network here. The people behind the well thought out idea call it “One ticket for everything”. Learn more about the concept in this 1 minute video.

Also worth mentioning in this context are the Sihl and the Limmat - the two rivers which pass through Zurich. They add a lot of emotion to the city, I think. You can see recent photos of the Sihl here, and of the Limmat here.

In Zurich, there are a number of indoor and outdoors swimming pools. I have noticed that also these pools are very popular among people. You can go swimming in lake pools, in river pools, as well as in indoor and outdoors swimming pools. Get some more information here.

Reflecting on how to encourage more people to go swimming and thereby motivate people to become even more healthy, I came across an initiative which may be a possibility for Zurich as well as for other cities: On the Internet, I read that an outdoor pool in Karlsruhe that opens already in the beginning of March. To other cities: How about trying this initiative out. To test it, start with one or 2 of the most popular outdoor pools.

Finishing off this posting, I’d like to mention the creative fountain solution in front of the Swiss parliament building in Bern – a creative product that you can see photos of here. Watching the news on sf.tv a few days ago, I saw that the fountain solution has just been renewed – and is now, indeed, ready for the upcoming EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland: Red and white lights will light up the fountain.

Speaking of creative fountains, I found this photo on Flickr.

There are surely many more ways to make the water element a fascinating part of a city – and not least using water to involve people. Using your imagination, what can you think of?
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