What’s a great city like? Part # 10. There are good places to work out

I like Finnenbahn tracks and Vita Parcours. Here in Zurich, I have noticed that many others at all ages also like to go to these places to work out. What makes me go to, for example, the Finnenbahn to get some exercise is not least that it feels better to go jogging on the Finnenbahn than, for example, on the streets. Also, I like that the Finnenbahn is located in the forest. Listening to the birds, watching the flowers, and being among the trees while running or doing sit-ups is a good way to refuel energy depots.

Every year, the people behind the 800 meter Finnenbahn, where I live, organize a working day, where everyone can join in and help keep the Finnenbahn up to date. In the couple of years I have lived here in Zurich, I have been proud to participate each year in this working day.

Thinking about how a Finnenbahn could become even better, I got this idea: How about asking companies in the town, where the Finnenbahn is located, if they would like to contribute to improving the Finnenbahn with the products they make.

I also thought about whether it would be realistic to make a Finnenbahn - or something similar – even closer to the city centre than today? I think it would be a win-win solution: People, who work in the city, would have a great outside opportunity to work out before or after work. Also, shops around the track might thereby be able to sell more mineral water, fruit etc. to people after they have worked out. Just a couple of thoughts :-)

To shortly sum up on this posting: Although you might get a lot of energy by watching Rocky go jogging on the streets in the 2½ minute video below, I’m quite sure it would be a good investment for individuals, companies, and others to help make Finnenbahn tracks, Vita parcours, and/or other similar training tracks in and around cities. I believe it would inspire even more people to work out more regularly – and thereby help people stay healthy.

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