Plan – or try things out continuously? Or do both? Part # 2

In a previous posting, I addressed the strategic paradox “Plan or try things out continuously? Or do both?” Worth noting here is, not least, that in periods with many and/or rapid changes and consequently high uncertainty in markets, it can be valuable to not only focus on long term plans but also to work on trying things out in the short term - for example with customers and IT developers.

Of the several interesting comments to the posting, "Lukas" wrote:
"I think this is issue is very demanding in today’s business. Room for trial and error creates innovation, planning ensures reaching targets. I work for a strongly hierarchical company where planning is clearly dominant. I think the bigger the company is, the more importance planning has. To have some kind of control in big systems, I think planning is essential. Of course, there must be room for spontaneity, otherwise you won’t be able to make innovation and be near at the market."

To get some more inspiration for handling this strategic paradox professionally, try listening to this 11 minute interview with Mr. John Hagel.

Also, have a look at the blog posting related to the audio.

I became aware of the interview with John Hagel via this posting by Hans Henrik H. Heming.
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