How important is religion to you? [poll results]

In a recent poll, I asked the following question: How important is religion to you? Here are the results:

- Very important: 14 % of the votes.
- Important: 21% of the votes.
- Neither important nor unimportant: 50% of the votes.
- Unimportant: 0% of the votes.
- Totally unimportant: 14% of the votes.

Reflecting on the poll question and the responses, I came to think of the following question that I would like to ask you:

In many cities, churches have central locations. In fact, many churches are located in the very heart of several cities. However, many churches are used relatively little by many people. Even on Sundays, many churches are rather empty. What do you think should be done about the often relatively empty churches? Do you have 1 or 2 suggestions? If you’re thinking about something which is a bit "out of the ordinary", then please do communicate your solution proposal anyway.
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