The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy

In this 13-minute Harvard Business Review video, Mr. Thomas A. Stewart talks with Mr. Michael E. Porter about the five competitive forces that shape strategy. Watching and listening to the interview and reading the article, I came to think about a couple of questions that I’d like to ask you:

Question # 1
When you think about the company you, you work for, how would you say that the industry/industries, the company operates in, is/are changing in these months/years? For example, who are and what characterizes the new customers, competitors, substitute products, and/or suppliers?

Question # 2
How can strategic thinking become an even more natural part of how you and your colleagues work, i.e. become an even more natural part of the culture of the company you work for? In other words, how do you encourage people working for the company to continuously think/act strategically?
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