Creative thinking or analytical thinking - what is more important at the company you work for?

Innovation has gained strong importance - not least because companies, in order to be attractive for customers, need to differentiate their products from the products of competitors in the increasingly global marketplace. Considering this, please reflect on what is characteristic for the way people at the company, you work for, think: Is it creative thinking that dominates? Or is it analytical thinking? And why?

Analytical thinking
People think and act highly logically/rationally and spend much time on, for example, gathering data, calculating, and formulating. Strong focus is on formal rules and routines. Consistency/stability is important. The general idea is that if people in a strongly disciplined way follow procedures, it will be an advantage for the company.

Creative thinking
People use their imagination - strive to think untraditionally / ”out of the box”. Focus is on new opportunities, variation, flexibility, and spontaneity. The idea is that if people do things in new ways, continuously try out new things – perhaps also with customers, and strive to go where no one has been before, it will be an advantage for customers and for the company. To speed up creative solutions - and thereby be able to create even more value for customers - people aim to work with persons who have different competences and in other ways are different than themselves.
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