6 ideas to develop museums

Inspired from Mr. Claus Buhl, who wrote a blog post yesterday about how boring many museums are, I thought about some ways to develop museums. Here are 6 ideas:

Idea # 1: Give customers the possibility to use their mobile phones

Imagine that you walk through a museum and can get a variety of information about the paintings/sculptures you see – via your mobile phone. It would be great, wouldn’t it? So how about attaching, for example, RFID tags to each exhibit in the museum? Perhaps there could even be an opportunity to chat – via the mobile phone – with the artist or other people who want to share their knowledge about what is happening in the museum. Are you interested in getting more inspiration about RFID in museums? Then have a look at this article.

Idea # 2: Facilitate communication between customers/guests

Often, communication between museum customers/visitors does not happen by itself, for example because many people are too shy/polite to start a communication with another person that he/she does not know. So how about facilitating conversations between customers/guests about the paintings, sculptures, or whatever works of art the museum wants to educate people about?

Idea # 3: Invite customers to participate
At the ABBA museum, which is currently being built in Sweden, you’ll be able to record an ABBA song, make your own ABBA video, sing, dance, create music, and in other ways participate.

Idea # 4: Open the museum in the evening
Most people work during the day. So how about opening the museum in the evening when people have the time to come?

Idea # 5: Outsource the museum café

How about asking Starbucks, Baresso Coffee or another professional coffee house to run the museum café? Such an initiative could be another way of attracting more people to museums.

Idea # 6: Educate museum employees
Wouldn’t it be interesting if people working for the museums walked around among museum customers/guests seeking to help people? For instance, they could ask questions like "What do you like about this sculpture?" "May I help you to understand this painting better?" "We continuously try to satisfy the needs of our customers better. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve the way we do things?"

Do you have more ideas to develop museum culture?
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