Moving a culture from control to trust – thereby not least saving money

At 2 meetings last week in Zurich, I tried with participants, who work for different companies in different industries, to develop initiatives that a company can use to move its culture from one focusing much on control to one focusing more on trust - with the goal of becoming a more successful business.

Here is some of the advice that the participants - by working in teams - came up with in a few minutes:

* Make employees co-owners.
* Make the organizational hierarchy flat.
* Promote self management.
* Work in small teams.
* No fixed working times.
* Make coffee zone in the middle of open-plan office.

* Make clear goals.
* Do what you say you will do.
* Live out the company’s values.
* Act as a role model.
* Make it transparent what people do and say.
* Get the right persons in the right positions.
* Think of what is best for the company, not about personal benefit.
* Do not focus on mistakes.
* Encourage people to take initiatives.
* Reward people.
* Respect people.
* Educate, coach, support people.
* Do walk around management.
* Be yourself.
* No politics.

* Listen to people.
* Be open.
* Communicate clearly.
* Give honest feedback.
* Share your knowledge.
* Smile.

Do you have more ideas/suggestions/initiatives to add?
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