Ideas to learn more efficiently

Searching for fundamental things that help us work more efficiently as well as innovatively and to learn better, I came across a number of things. 3 relatively easy simple initiatives to stay mentally and physically fit struck me:
1. Eat more healthy food.
2. Get more exercise.
3. Sleep well during the night.

Regarding idea # 3, I found out that the transitions from wakefulness to sleep are quite important to make the brain function well. Sleeping is characterized by, for example, a reduction of body movement, decreased reaction to external stimuli and loss of consciousness. When you sleep during the night, the neurons/nerve cells organize what you have learnt during the day. The REM phases of our sleep, which in total account for 20-25% of total sleep, are particularly interesting. During these periods, of which we have 4-5 during a night, the body is inactive but the human brain active.

In other words, a good night’s sleep makes you better understand the big picture. I sometimes experience that, during a night of sleeping, I organize the knowledge acquired during the day. Result: In the morning I have a clearer idea about what to do about the topics dealt with the day before.

Coming back to the 3 initiatives presented in the beginning, I find it interesting that sleeping well is dependent on eating healthily and getting regular exercise. The 10 concrete tips for sleeping from Hästens emphasize this.
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