Ideas to improve health education using interactive technologies

Last night was Researchers night across Europe. At the lakeside in Zurich, a number of researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) presented various projects.

One of the presented projects, I find interesting, is BrainTrain - a project used to support medical education and training.

I experienced the simulator pictured above as a really efficient, interactive learning tool. By touching the brain model with a finger, I immediately got information about the brain region - on the screen as well as through the loud speakers.

What is even more impressive about this innovation is that you can also get inform about which functions throughout the body that the different parts of the brain influence. For example, I found out - by touching the brain model - which parts of the brain influence the functioning of eyes, arms, and legs.

I’m amazed that the most complex organ in the human body - the brain - can, through a tool like this, become relatively simple to understand. Good work.
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