Ideas to develop grocery shopping

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With coop@home and passabene, COOP in Switzerland is moving into the future.

The passabene concept is interesting for more reasons – not least because it is a win-win solution through which both customers and employees win:

* By scanning products themselves with a scanner that they pick up at the store entrance, customers participate to a much larger degree than before.

* As customers take over the scanning of the products, I imagine that employees get new assignments - for example driving products into the store, keeping the supermarket clean, helping customers in all matters, and helping introduce further innovations.

ALDI is also moving forward. By defining management as culture, having a strong degree of self management, using no budgets, and basically keeping everything as simple as possible, the company can bring down costs to a low level – and thereby also offer low priced products to customers. To know more, try reading this article.

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