Tips on education from Howard Gardner

Via this posting by Joe Bower, I came across the very interesting 7½ minute video embedded below with Howard Gardner. Listening to Mr. Gardner, I learned the following:

# 1: Engage learners actively.

# 2: Make education learner-directed.

# 3: Accept that people learn differently, have different kinds of intellectual strengths.

# 4: Present material to a learner in a way in which the learner will find interesting and will be able to use his or her intelligences productively.

# 5: Encourage the learner to focus on a few priorities that he or she goes deeply into.

# 6: Highlight for learners - from the day they start learning a topic - the performances for which they're going to be accountable.

# 7: Let learners be active in giving feedback on performances. Let them increasingly assess themselves - say what's going well and what’s not going so well.

# 8: Continuously try out new things to make the way education is done better.

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