New garbage containers in Zürich

This week, Stadt Zürich Entsorgung + Recycling delivered new garbage containers to the place I live in Zürich. Please see photos below. I see a number of positive things about this initiative. Here are 2 of them:

Advantage # 1
The new containers are made of plastic and are less heavy than the older ones. This makes it easier for the individual customer / citizen to open the lid and deposit his / her garbage in the container. The fact that the new garbage containers are less heavy also makes it more convenient for the people who work at picking up garbage when the garbage containers are full.

Advantage # 2
As you’ll notice on photo # 2 below, the new containers positioned on the right side of the photo are nicer to look at compared to the older ones.

To conclude, the fine initiative of Stadt Zürich Entsorgung + Recycling leads to an even higher quality of life.

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