Are we becoming more alike - or more different?

Considering, for example, that global trade increases, and that people across the world use the Internet more and more, it seems like a natural thought to think that we are becoming more alike. Not least the Internet seems to integrate people across the world, for example because we can - more easily than before - get to various products, that people in other countries also can easily get to, and because we can - more easily than before - communicate/interact/collaborate with each other.

How do you look upon it? Do you find that people become more alike across the world? For example, do you experience that people living, for example, in Europe increasingly identify themselves as European citizens or even global citizens? Or do you experience that people hold on to their national identities, want to keep on doing things the way they, their parents, and grand parents have been doing for years? In other words: Do people increasingly work/communicate/manage/solve problems/develop businesses etc. in more identical ways or in more different ways? And what role does the Internet play here? Do you find that the Internet helps primarily to integrate people across cultures, or is the Internet also a tool that actually makes differences larger?

If you have examples, it would be great to hear about them.
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